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Attending to Attachment Trainings



January  27-31

and March 2-6

Berkeley,  California

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November 16-20, 2016

and January 18-22, 2017

Edmonton, Alberta  Canada

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Boulder, Colorado

Details TBA

2017 Level II:  

Attachment Supervision Groups

Calgary, Alberta:  September 21 or 25

Edmonton, Alberta:  September 22-24

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Attachment Details


Mindfulness-based approaches to healing adult attachment systems 

"Attending to Attachment" presents a unique model of the Three C’s: connection, calmness and consciousness. Research confirms the correlation between secure attachment and the capacity for mindfulness, affect regulation and overall health and happiness. When we employ a secure attachment system, we feel fully alive and connected. Secondary attachment systems interfere with relationships and other functioning.Through brief lectures, demonstrations and experiential exercises, this training provides effective tools and mindfulness-based somatic interventions for recognizing and repairing attachment patterns in yourself and others. This “inside-out” approach lets you learn through direct experience. The training group becomes a powerful vehicle for change as we explore the terrain of human love and safety. Whether you are directly addressing clients’ attachment wounds or simply helping them to feel safe and to live fully, this training will give you immediately applicable skills for clinical practice. 

This training will support you to:

  • Practice mindfulness to enhance interpersonal sensitivity, therapeutic efficacy and broaden and build secure attachment

  • Deepen your understanding of affect regulation, its neuro-biological underpinnings and its role in developing secure attachment

  • Recognize adult attachment indicators

  • Discover how your attachment system influences client interactions

  • Engage specific therapeutic strategies to mend secondary attachment systems

  • Befriend defensive responses and utilize inner resources

  • Identify and address couples’ attachment-based relationship systems 


What graduates are saying about this training:

“During this workshop, I not only learned but also experienced healing that comes through connection with a safe other being. For me this means that life suddenly offers very different possibilities.”  - Jane Warnock, psychotherapist

“Julie introduced the workshop with a simple and effective framework for healing attachment and trauma injuries…She demonstrated this process throughout the workshop by attending to the moment and having fullness of every experience.  I will certainly be attending any future workshops held by Julie as not only was the teaching wonderful, but the group was a safe and supportive place to learn.”  - Cherie Borosh, psychotherapist